Fat Tire Snow Bike

Continental Spike Claw Studded Tire Continental Spike Claw Studded Tire

These tires are designed to be ridden in the snow and worked best on packed snow or ice as the studs will dig into the surface. 

If you are reading this, chances are that you like mountain biking so much that you are having a hard time letting go during the Winter months.  Should you invest $1600 in a snow bike?

Well, maybe.  The answer depends on what type of terrain you ride.  If you plan on taking your bike off road, to snow covered places you would normally take your mountain bike to, then yes, you will definitely need a snow bike, since normal sized mountain bike tires will seize up pretty quickly in snow covered mtb trails.

Tires that are equipped on your snow bike are much bigger, and can operate at much lower air pressure than conventional mtb tires, and can therefore handle more types of snow covered terrain.  They also do quite well on dirt in the summer time, which many will tell you is where snow bikes thrive.  The only question is, can you afford one?

If you don’t have the money to invest in a snow bike, there are other alternatives.  You can purchase mtb tires with studs in them, or if you are really brave, you can even make your own snow tires.  You can also purchase wider tires, such as 2.3 WTB Stout tires, that have a wider surface area and are designed to ride through areas where regular tires can’t.

If you have your heart on a snow bike and know you will ride a lot during the Winter months, I’d say go for it, because the bike will be a great investment that will last you for years.  One thing I’d recommend, however, is to wait until Winter so that you can feel the Winter air on your skin before buying.  You may decide that you don’t want to be out in the cold weather on your bike after you have tasted Winter’s chilling sting, and if that is the case, buying a snow bike might not be such a great idea.



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